Hi! Welcome to the website of Digital Forged, were a small independent game developing studio based in Australia. Check out our current progress of our game.

Concept Game Logo

Mutagen logo the idea was is use dna as referance as the games story is based around this concept.

Class Icon Concept

We have dessigned a couple of class icons these represent which class you will pick when creating a new character.

Character Npc Concept

This is a design of one of the npc characters the player will come across in game.

Rail Rifle Concept

We have been playing with some designs of a rail gun so far the is the first concept were happy with, the weapon uses coin shaped ammo, the ammo contains a special liquid the goes solid when air is exposed to it.

Armour Type Class Concept

This is one of our early designs for the armoured class type.

Male Starting Gear Concept

The design is sleep pod suit with light protective armour around the chest.